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Floors Unique Range

Introducing FLOORS unique natural oil finishing line.

Available in wide variety of colours, textures and grades. Buckingham, Cambridge & Oxford ranges can all be supplied with the above oil finishes.

To find out what accessories FLOORS recommends using on our products please contact the showroom.

This enchanting finish enhances the natural characteristics of the wood by delicately drawing the grains to the surface, which will fill your room with a familiar warmth and personality.
This cool finish instantly makes the smallest of spaces seem bigger by adding a refreshing burst of brightness and energy to your environment.
This peaceful finish draws the natural beauty of the wood grains to the surface, which adds a unique ambiance and character to your environment in the most subtle way.
This is the ideal finish for those looking to enhance any open and light space with character. Natural light seems to dance over each board with life and vibrancy.
This fiery finish fills any space with heat and passion by committing itself to the woods character and beautifully highlighting the floor with distinction.
This stone-washed finish allows you to appreciate the feel of the outdoors, indoors, due to its calming natural characteristics, which create a relaxed atmosphere.